Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer Jobs / Sum r Lazy!!

I can't tell you how frustrating this job sometimes is!!!!! I love working with you young people but sometimes you really tax my BRAIN!! I think I have heard every excuse in the book to not do anything this summer so here is my response!!! STOP MAKING EXCUSES GET OFF THE COUCH AND GET 2 WORK!!!!! There ya have it!! Those of you still looking for a summer job should try the are golf courses, daycare facilities, parks departments, and schools. (yes I said SCHOOLS) Schools are great to work for in the summer because everyone is relaxed and ready to work. If none of those options appeal to you try doing what I did one summer and create your own job. Find your niche (mine was theatre of course) and try to capitalize on it. Think about how you can make what you love to do into a job. I was able to work with the parks and rec department in the city of Lorain and start a traveling summer youth theatre. I would go around to the different parks throughout the city and have creative theatrical games and activities for the kids to play! YEP!! I got paid for this!! It was one of the best jobs I had because I made my own schedule, I kept my own time, I made my own lesson plans, and I worked outside all summer!! It was AWESOME!!! SO GOOD LUCK out there!! Brenner-OUT!!