Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer Jobs / Sum r Lazy!!

I can't tell you how frustrating this job sometimes is!!!!! I love working with you young people but sometimes you really tax my BRAIN!! I think I have heard every excuse in the book to not do anything this summer so here is my response!!! STOP MAKING EXCUSES GET OFF THE COUCH AND GET 2 WORK!!!!! There ya have it!! Those of you still looking for a summer job should try the are golf courses, daycare facilities, parks departments, and schools. (yes I said SCHOOLS) Schools are great to work for in the summer because everyone is relaxed and ready to work. If none of those options appeal to you try doing what I did one summer and create your own job. Find your niche (mine was theatre of course) and try to capitalize on it. Think about how you can make what you love to do into a job. I was able to work with the parks and rec department in the city of Lorain and start a traveling summer youth theatre. I would go around to the different parks throughout the city and have creative theatrical games and activities for the kids to play! YEP!! I got paid for this!! It was one of the best jobs I had because I made my own schedule, I kept my own time, I made my own lesson plans, and I worked outside all summer!! It was AWESOME!!! SO GOOD LUCK out there!! Brenner-OUT!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Summers Coming! Do you have your job yet??

OK- I know the weather outside is frightful but the time to start thinking about what you are going to do with your time this summer starts NOW!!!!! It is never to early to start looking for that "dream" summer gig! The really good places to work start hiring in March so if you don't want to hang out with your parents all summer playing x-box and getting yelled at cause you didn't feed the dog, mow the grass, or take out the garbage you better get off your doopa and get job hunting!
But Brenner, "where do I start you say?" Well like all good job hunters you start at the computer! First make sure you have a resume. Make sure your resume includes any experience you have along with any extra curricular activities. Once your resume is perfected start looking for companies that need interns! Other great places for a summer gig include: Amusement Parks, Summer Camps, The Medina County Park System, Medina County Transportation Dept., Public Swimming pools, and recreation departments. Once you find opportunities start practicing your interview skills, speak clearly, have good eye contact, have a nice solid handshake, smile, and ask questions!!! Also, don't be afraid to contact your wonderful JOG teacher for help!!! That's what we are here for!!! Well-Good Luck out there!! Brenner Out!

Monday, December 8, 2008

REALLY you think you can get a job???? REALLY!

I don't know if ya'll have noticed but the job market SUCKS!!! That's right I said SUCKS!!! I don't normally like that word but under the circumstances it is kinda necessary!!! According to the current jobs report The United States lost over half a million jobs in November alone Half a MILLION JOBS!!! REALLY!! This is the worst job market since 1974!!
Those of you who have jobs better watch out, ya better not not cry ya better not pout and most importnatly ya better not pull a no call no show!! That is the kiss of death in a tight market. IF ya do that you may as well start updating that resume!
For those of you who are one of those half a million unemployed souls you may want to consider more schooling. The best thing to do with your time while you are waiting for the turnaround is to get some more education under your belt. Some options to consider are: Healthcare (that is the one area of the economey that always seems to weather the storms) Security (we will always need new TSA agents) Education (Teachers will need to retire eventually) Road Construction (IF Obama has his way we will be seeing an influx of road and bridge construction) The GREEN REVOLUTION!!! Get ready for alternative fuels. Start looking for jobs with companies that are forward "Green" minded and you can't go wrong! Good luck out there- Brenner out

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Never Stop Excelling

OK-I was watching the Olympics last night and was amazed and elaited by Michael Phelps' performance! What makes a person so driven that he breaks so many records and acheives sooooo much by the age 23?? Now how can I motivate my students and children to do that?? Is there some sort of motivating pill I can give them so I can go cheer for them in 4 years!!