Monday, December 8, 2008

REALLY you think you can get a job???? REALLY!

I don't know if ya'll have noticed but the job market SUCKS!!! That's right I said SUCKS!!! I don't normally like that word but under the circumstances it is kinda necessary!!! According to the current jobs report The United States lost over half a million jobs in November alone Half a MILLION JOBS!!! REALLY!! This is the worst job market since 1974!!
Those of you who have jobs better watch out, ya better not not cry ya better not pout and most importnatly ya better not pull a no call no show!! That is the kiss of death in a tight market. IF ya do that you may as well start updating that resume!
For those of you who are one of those half a million unemployed souls you may want to consider more schooling. The best thing to do with your time while you are waiting for the turnaround is to get some more education under your belt. Some options to consider are: Healthcare (that is the one area of the economey that always seems to weather the storms) Security (we will always need new TSA agents) Education (Teachers will need to retire eventually) Road Construction (IF Obama has his way we will be seeing an influx of road and bridge construction) The GREEN REVOLUTION!!! Get ready for alternative fuels. Start looking for jobs with companies that are forward "Green" minded and you can't go wrong! Good luck out there- Brenner out

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Never Stop Excelling

OK-I was watching the Olympics last night and was amazed and elaited by Michael Phelps' performance! What makes a person so driven that he breaks so many records and acheives sooooo much by the age 23?? Now how can I motivate my students and children to do that?? Is there some sort of motivating pill I can give them so I can go cheer for them in 4 years!!